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We strive to be your go-to resinous flooring provider by staying up on the latest products and techniques to give you the beautiful and durable floors that you desire.  We provide a variety of products from a variety of suppliers in order to give you the best of the best.  We use commercial grade epoxy, polyaspartic, polyurea, urethane, concrete stains, acrylic sealers, penetrating sealers, non-slip sealers, modified concrete overlay materials and more. 


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    Epoxy Garage Floors

    One of the most popular applications of epoxy floors in residential applications is the garage floor and we do a lot of them.  Unfortunately, all too often, the concrete is damaged from spalling, pitting or cracking.    This may be from the use of salt in northern climates for melting snow and ice or it may be from improper concrete installation.  Regardless of the reason, we can fix it and restore a smooth finish to the concrete that we will then coat to your desire.   

    What should you look out for when thinking about concrete coatings, specifically in your garage?   Moisture is the cause of most coatings failure.  Not moisture on top, but hydraulic pressure coming up through the concrete slab.  A vapor barrier, typically a large sheet of thick plastic should have been installed on the ground prior to pouring your concrete.  However, many concrete contractors omit this step.  Moisture from the ground can then come up through the slab and pop off the coating.  This is more common in slabs below grade or where there may be a water drainage issue around the outside of the house.  A vapor barrier coating can be installed prior to the epoxy in order to mitigate this issue.   It is an extra cost, but it good insurance for the longest lasting floor.  

    The next thing you should consider on epoxy floors in your garage is UV fading or yellowing.  This can happen on the interior of homes with large windows also, but with the overhead door of your garage open, especially on east or south facing garages, any exposed epoxy will likely yellow or amber over time, especially lighter colors.  Pearl or white is almost guaranteed to yellow over time.  Most epoxy floor companies will use epoxy for base coats, but any top coats that are exposed to sunlight or UV rays should be polyaspartic.  

    Another phenomena typical of epoxy floors is called Hot tire pick up.   This is where epoxy is exposed to vehicle tires because epoxy was used as a top coat or minimally covered by flake.   The temperature of the tires in the summer will begin to pull or peel up the epoxy over time.  When an epoxy floor fails, it often starts where the car tires pull in and out.  This is the reason.  It is very common on DIY-coated epoxy floors.  Why?  DIY floors are often not prepared properly to start with so the adhesion is minimal to start.  Then, only 1, maybe 2 coats are used, often water-based epoxy with only 44% solids content, making the coating extremely thin.  The hot tires will wreak havoc on that coat pretty quickly, often within 1-3 years.  Alternatively, polyaspartic is not prone to hot tire pick up.  

    The last concern with epoxy garage floors is being slippery when wet.   This is easily fixed by allowing some texture from the flake to stay exposed and/or adding a non-slip agent in the top coat.  This can be silica sand, aluminum oxide or a non-slip coating.   

    Epoxy floors can be great for a garage floor, but a vapor barrier coating should be considered and the top coat should be polyaspartic to avoid the UV yellowing and hot tire pick up.  We prefer flake floors in garages because it adds traction to the surface and is very durable.  If slipping is a concern, additives can be added in the top coat.  

    If you like the look of concrete but want a nice sealed, clean surface, we can clean the concrete or grind it to expose some of the aggregate and then seal it and add a non-slip commercial top coat.
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    Swimming Pool Decks

    We often see a lot of concrete damage around swimming pools, including cracks where the ground has settled or crumbling or spalling caused by chemicals or poor installation.  Most people think concrete is impervious to anything and will last forever.  That's just not true, especially around swimming pools.  If you have a swimming pool, we highly recommend that you seal the concrete around with something.  You'll want to be careful that you don't make it slick with wet.  But protecting the concrete should be a top priority for any pool owner.   

    We can seal concrete in good condition and make it last.  But more often, we get the ones that are already damaged.  We can fill in cracks and spalling, pitting, and crumbling areas and then coat over the entire surface, adding flake, to make the repairs disappear and protect the concrete for years to come.  Most coatings on swimming pools use our Flake Floors to have some texture.  We also add non-slip additives in our top coat to make it non-slippery.  

    Another solution for a pool deck is to do a decorative concrete overlay.   This might be a wood plank or tile look or it could be a knocked down concrete finish.  Consult with one of our sales reps to discuss your project in detail. 
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    Sidewalks, Porches and Patios

    Same as the Swimming Pool concrete, we can coat sidewalks, porches and patios with a full flake system using a polyaspartic top coat which is UV stable.   It's a great way to give you a decorative finish on your exterior concrete.  Our River Rock flake or Saddletan flake can give you a great look.  Our estimators have physical samples that you can match up to your home's exterior to get the right look.  
    Porch Concrete Coatings
    Patio Coatings
    Driveway Spalling Repair

    Whole House Interior Epoxy Floors

    Having a seamless resinous floor is ideal for a residence, especially on a concrete slab floor, to provide an easy-to-clean beautiful floor.   The floor can be poured throughout the home to create a flow from one room to the other, providing a high level of elegance.   
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    Basement Floors

    Basement renovations give the homeowner a challenge when it comes time to choose the flooring material.  Many will choose carpet to get the warmth or softness, but quickly find out when they have a leak that carpet is an insurance claim waiting to happen.  You can just seal the existing concrete, stain and seal, a metallic epoxy finish or a flake system.   
    Blue Epoxy Floors
    Laundry Room Flooring
    Full Flake Epoxy Floor

    Floors Wine Cellars, Laundry Rooms. Exercise Rooms or Utility Rooms

    Metallic Epoxy makes a great floor for wine cellars, laundry rooms or utility rooms with proper vapor barrier coatings used for the primer coat.  One other option is to look at the metallic polyaspartic options.  Polyaspartic does not get anywhere near the color mixing or movement like epoxy, but does give you some variation at a lower price point.  
    Utility Room Flooring
    Metallic Polyaspartic
    Exercise Room Flooring

    Commercial Epoxy Floors

    Whether it's a convenience store, a retail store, a restaurant or just the restrooms, resinous floors can make commercial applications ideal.   One should be aware that commercial janitorial products can cause damage to certain flooring materials and should be discussed ahead of time.   We now have new top coats that can provide non-slip surfaces in either gloss or matte finishes and last for years.   
    Commercial Epoxy Flooring
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